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Department of Statistics
Doctoral Student

M.Sc. Jonathan Flossdorf


TU Dortmund University
Department of Statistics
Chair of Business and Social Statistics
CDI Building, Room 122
44221 Dortmund

E-Mail: flossdorfstatistik.tu-dortmundde
Tel.: +49 231 755 5544

Portrait photo of Jonathan Flossdorf © Jonathan Flossdorf​/​private
  • since February 2020: Doctoral Student
  • 2018-2019: M.Sc. Statistics, TU Dortmund University
    Master Thesis: Internal validation measures for non-spherical cluster shapes
  • 2014-2017: B.Sc. Statistics, TU Dortmund University
  • Inferential statistical analysis of dynamic networks
  • Change-Point Detection/Online-Monitoring in dynamic networks
  • Statistical applications in logistics
  • Flossdorf, J., Fried, R. und Jentsch, C. (2023). Online Monitoring of Dynamic Networks using flexible Multivariate Control Charts. Social Network Analysis & Mining, 13, 87. DOI.
  • Krause, C., Rieger, J., Flossdorf, J., Jentsch, C. und Beck, F. (2023). Visually Analyzing Topic Change Points in Temporal Text Collections. Accepted for Proceedings of the Conference on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization.
  • Rieger, J., Hornig, N., Flossdorf, J., Müller, H., Mündges, S., Jentsch, C., Rahnenführer, J. und Elmer, C. (2023). Debunking Disinformation with GADMO: A Topic Modeling Analysis of a Comprehensive Corpus of German-language Fact-Checks. Accepted for DiTox'23. pdf. GitHub.
  • Rieger,  J., Lange, K.-R., Flossdorf, J. und Jentsch, C.  (2022). Dynamic Change Detection in Topics based on Rolling LDAs. Proceedings of the Text2Story'22 Workshop. CEUR-WS 3117, 5-13. pdf.
  • Flossdorf,  J., und Jentsch, C.  (2021). Change Detection in Dynamic Networks Using Network Characteristics. IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks 7, 451 - 464. DOI.

Recent Submissions

  • Brune, B., Flossdorf, J. and Jentsch, C. (2023). Goodness-of-fit Testing based on Graph Functionals for Homogeneous  Erdös-Rényi Graphs. arXiv.
  • Flossdorf, J., Meyer, A., Artjuch, D., Schneider, J. and Jentsch, C.: Unsupervised Movement Detection in Indoor Positioning Systems. pdf.
  • Change Detection in Dynamic Networks. EUSN 2022, London, Great Britain (09/2022).
  • Change Detection in Dynamic Networks Using Flexible Multivariate Control Charts. COMPSTAT 2022. Bologna, Italy (08/2022).


  • Statistical Network Analysis (WiSe 2022/23)
  • Fallstudien I (WiSe 2021/22)
  • Statistik VI - Entscheidungstheorie (SuSe 2020)